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May 27 11

Free Swinging Web Sites – What Features Are Best To Look For

by admin

The internet is full of free dating sites, and other adult sites to help people meet one another. While the cost is certainly attractive, there are some other features that you want to look for as well. Finding these features will allow you to meet other swingers more easily and safely.


Forums can provide great information for both new and experienced swingers. This feature will be very useful for not only meeting others, but for getting advice on a variety of situations, as well as recommendations for clubs, restaurants, and other activities.

Live Chat

Many swingers sites will offer the option of live chat. Sometimes these are chat rooms, and other times it functions as an IM. Either way, this is a good way to talk to others on the swinging site before setting up a more personal meeting. Most swinger sites have the chat rooms for free, but some will have additional rooms and more private chat with other functions for an upgrade fee.

Anonymous Calling

Some sites go a step beyond the live chat features and offer anonymous call options. With these options you dial either a local or freephone number to place your call to other members. The system then routes your call to the another members phone. This way you don’t have to share your phone number. Many free sites will offer this on a pay per use basis, or you can pay a slight upgrade fee for access.

Apr 18 11

Meeting For Sex At A Hotel – Advice For Swingers

by admin

Many swingers prefer to keep their lifestyle out of their home for safety reasons. Others just want to keep a firm separation from swinging and home life. Whatever the reason, many will opt to use hotels for meetings. This is perfectly acceptable. There are a few things you should consider though before you do this.

Pay Cash

The hotels will gather information from you when you check in regardless of your payment methods. However, paying cash for these meetings is a better idea. This way the credit card information isn’t out there, and can’t be compromised.

Ask For Discretion

Showing up at a hotel requesting a single room for 4 people may look strange to the hotel staff. Even though you may not care, others participating may. To avoid this, you and your partner can check in to the hotel first, then have the other couple meet you later. You could also meet them in the hotels bar for a few drinks to help lighten the mood.

Get Recommendations

While the hotel industry sees a lot, you may feel uncomfortable and out of place at some hotels. You can find hotel recommendations by checking out swinging forums. People will share their experiences with hotels in the area, and this way you will know what hotels to avoid.

Switch It Up

If you are uncomfortable with the hotel staff potentially knowing what you are doing, you may want to have a few hotels that you alternate between, especially if you plan on meeting up several times a month. This way you don’t have to worry about feeling self conscious when checking in to the same hotel numerous times.

Mar 19 11

Swinger Sex Videos – Types You Can Watch For Free

by admin

Watching swinger sex videos also known as Swinger Tube can bring extra passion to your bedroom. It can also be one way to learn about swinging more in depth. While you can purchase videos to watch, there are also several types of swingers vFinding swingers can be challenging regardless of where you live. Some areas are more open than others. Brisbane has a fairly large swinging community, and finding other swingers won’t be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you on your search.

Check Out Local Clubs

One of the best ways to meet other swingers in Brisbane is to check out some of the local swinging clubs. There are several clubs in the area that are inexpensive and allow a limited number of singles to come to the events. If you don’t want to go to an event solo, check online to see if they have a website. Many times swingers clubs will have online forums for the community. This way you can chat with members who attend the club and get to know them before you decide to join an event. Some of the clubs will also allow you to post adverts to help you meet others.

Swinger Dating Sites

If you set up a profile on swingers dating sites you can meet other swingers in Brisbane easily. Most of these sites will allow you to use a free or highly discounted trial so you can get a better idea of what kind of people are members, some sites even have Swinger Stories these really give you an insight into how swingers think. If you like it, you can pay the fee and continue your membership. Most of these sites will allow you to communicate with other swingers through private emails, live chat rooms, and some even have forums and video galleries. You can find sites that offer worldwide matches, or find sites that are marketed heavily or exclusively to Brisbane in your search.ideos that you can get for free online.

User Submitted Sites

There are several websites that are devoted to user submitted porn. Many people will post videos that they have taken themselves. It’s also a good form of advertisement for different porn producers. You can find high quality, HD porn in several categories, including swinger sex videos, by using these sites. Just make sure you have a good virus protection program installed on your computer before you search for these. Some of the bigger names are safe, such as XNXX and PornHub, but many others aren’t. These sites are free because advertisers pay to place their ads. This means you may have to deal with short video ads before your video loads.

Swinger Dating Sites

A lot of swingers dating sites allow people to submit videos as well. These are almost always going to be amateur videos, and the quality may not be great. However, it’s a good way to watch real swinging sex videos. Another benefit to this, if you find a video that has a couple you really like, odds are they are site members and you can contact them. Many swingers will upload short sex clips as a form of advertisement and welcome those who enjoyed them to contact them.

Feb 10 11

Real Swinger Pictures – Free Galleries To Find Swingers To Meet

by admin

Being able to see photos of someone before you meet them can be important. It’s also fun just to look through swingers photo galleries. Many swingers sites have photo forums for users to upload their own photos. Browsing through pictures that were uploaded by members can help you find people in your areas that you want to meet.

Non Explicit Photos

Many people don’t want to see explicit photos right off the bat, but they do want to see candid shots before they meet up. Even though most people would assume that swingers photos would be pornographic, many swingers sites will allow people to upload any kind of picture by category. Because of this you are able to look through photo galleries by category and not see explicit photos if you don’t want.

Sort By Activity

While some don’t want to see explicit photos, others prefer to see what others have done and are willing to do. Using the picture galleries on swingers sites will allow you to see this. Many swingers and couples will use these photos as another way to advertise themselves when they are looking for others to join them. Many galleries are set up to search by category, so if you have a certain fetish or other activity that you enjoy, you can easily find these photos.

Set Up A Profile

If you are serious about meeting other swingers, setting up a profile and uploading some of your own photos to the photo galleries would be a good idea. This way you have a profile for others to refer to, and you can exchange pictures and chat before meeting up.

Jan 13 11

Accommodate Or Travel – Which Is Better To Meet Swingers

by admin

Making travel accommodations when you are a swinger can be difficult. You want to take a holiday where you can be open, and possibly meet other swingers. If this is the type of vacation you are looking for you can find many options available.

All Inclusive Resorts

All inclusive swingers resorts cater to those who are involved in the swinging lifestyle. With these types of vacations you are able to be completely open, and be yourself. Since these aren’t typically funded by clubs, there isn’t a restriction on going single. If you want to meet other swingers and play on your holiday, this is probably the better option.

Cruises and Getaways

Another option you will see a lot as far as swingers vacations go are cruises and getaways or weekenders. These are great for couples to meet other couples, but many of them will limit the number of singles that are allowed to attend. If you are single and wanting to meet other couples just to play this could be a good option. If you are looking to meet another single though, or form any kind of lasting relationship, this probably isn’t the best way to meet people.

Adult Oriented Travel Agencies

With the popularity of hedonist and swinging vacations, many adult oriented travel agencies have popped up recently. These travel agencies specialize in open minded holidays. You can always phone one of these agencies, tell them what kind of vacation you are looking for, and allow them to make recommendations.

Dec 27 10

Free Swinger Chat Rooms – Advice How To Use Them

by admin

Using chat rooms on swingers sites is fun, and can be a good way to meet others. Since most free sites offer the basic chat options for free, you can easily chat with anyone in just a matter of minutes. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind to make it a better experience.

Check Out The Different Rooms

Most swingers site that offer chat rooms will have several types of chat rooms to choose from. The general ones will usually have a term like ‘lounge’ or ‘lobby’ associated with them. These are for people who just want to talk and have nothing in particular they want to talk about. You will find other rooms for different interests and fetishes that are more focused. Spend some time going through the list, and you can hop in the chat rooms for a few minutes just to watch the conversations. This way you know if you will be comfortable or not.

Learn The Features

Most chat rooms will have several features for fun and productivity. You can whisper to other members, meaning on that one person will see your chat. You can use smiley faces, emoticons, and some over offer sounds and videos. All will have the option to put certain people on block. This way you can’t see their chats or messages. This is helpful if you feel as though you are being harassed by a member but don’t want to leave the room. You can also notify an administrator to have them removed.

Nov 29 10

Places To Take Swingers

by admin

Dating a swinger can be a lot of fun, but it can prove to be problematic when it comes to figuring out where to go. If you are dating a swinger and need some good date ideas, here are a few to think about.

Going To The Clubs

Swingers clubs are always a good option for a swingers date. Of course, this isn’t something you are going to want to do until you’ve had a chance to get to know each other since the point of a swingers club is to be open sexually. You can go online and find several forums with club recommendations and costs in your area. You don’t have to participate in anything if you don’t want to, you are welcome to just watch.

Traditional Night Clubs

Night clubs are also a good option. Since the music is loud and the drinks are flowing, it’s a great place for anyone to have a good time. Since swingers enjoy expressing themselves, a night club makes a perfect date. Just be sure to find a club that caters to a slightly wilder crowd, as this will be more fun.

Traditional Dating

Just because you are dating a swinger doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some more run of the mill activities. Going out to movies, dinner, dancing, etc are all welcome ideas for a swinger. It’s a lifestyle, but it’s only a part of who they are. Swinging doesn’t define that person, and they can enjoy just about anything just like anyone else.

Nov 10 10

Swinger Stories – How To Blog Your Experience For Free

by admin

Blogs can be found all over the internet, and on thousands of different topics. Some people just enjoy sharing their daily experiences with others, and some have other motivation for wanting to blog. Many sites will charge to set up a blog, especially adult oriented blogs. But there are ways to set up a blog for free and get your stories out there.

Adult Oriented Dating Sites

Many dating sites that cater to more adult activities like swinging allow members to set up blogs. This way you can talk about whatever you want to and be as explicit as you want to be. These blogs are generally free, but some sites do charge a small fee for memberships that will give you access to the blog area. You can share your swinging stories this way and meet other members. Many sites will also give you points for every so many followers you get, and the points can be used towards membership fees, making the blog completely free to you.

Erotic Story Sites

A few big name erotic story websites allow people to create free accounts and set up blogs. Literotica is one of these sites, but there are many others. Here you can gain followers by sharing your swinger stories. Many of these sites run monthly competitions as well, and the prizes could be free upgraded memberships, free books, and some even offer cash prizes. Users are also able to leave comments and vote for their favorite stories.

Oct 30 10

Top UK Swingers Sites – How To Find Real Local Swingers

by admin

Finding reliable swingers site is difficult enough, finding sites with swingers in your area that are genuine and want to meet can be even more difficult. However, websites are still one of the better methods for meeting other swingers. There are some steps you can take to make sure the UK swingers site you are using really has real swingers and not just a bunch of fake profiles.

Take Advantage Of Trials

Most legitimate swingers sites will allow you to set up a profile for free and use a free or highly discounted trial period. This is a great way to be able to look around the site and see if it’s worth it for you to purchase a membership. If you don’t find what you are looking for, simply cancel the membership before the trial period to ensure you aren’t billed.

Look Closely

If you are on a UK swingers site and see a lot of perfect profiles, like supermodel type women who are open to anything, think twice. While beautiful women do swing, you should see a good variety of profiles on the site. If all you see are models and people open to everything, these are probably fake profiles. Either the site set them up of they are people looking to troll.

Check Out The Forums

Swinging is pretty big in the UK. As a result, most UK swinging sites feature forums and other community tools. You may have to be a member to access these, but use the tip above for the trial to look through the forums. You should see many people contributing, and they will likely be willing to share success, and not so successful stories.